The last few years has been a astonishing journey between style, elegance, eclecticism, irony and all the aspects of being a woman; including the courage to dare and the willing to discover what the future will bring.

Pages upon pages traced with colors; written to narrate all the emotions, the contradictions and the creative and funny sides of the wonderful womanhood. These stories are all about you, all about what’s in your very own diary, and they tell about your personality and experiences… Using your favorite colors.

Faby DIARIES is born to let you trace your own story. DIARIES: the new 2018/19 Fall/winter collection by Faby. A journey through the different hues of being a woman. A collection full of high fashion inspired colors, that will hold your hand though the cold season in a lively dance across sensations.

The palette starts with the brown and green iridescence of EARTHY PLEASURE and STORIES, then unravels a very modern aura with the myrtle of PERCEPTION, the stone colored SOPHISTICATED and the urban vibes of BEYOND THE VISIBLE and RIALTO. The warmth of the garnet shade of KISS ME FABY plays with the depth of EMBERS and Mystical, and clashes beautifully with the warmth of SKIN TIGHT and UNDER MY SKIN.