Faby's Reds

Faby's Reds

Faby launches FABY’S REDS 2.0, a collection dedicated to the Red colour. Composed by 12 nail polishes created with the traditional Nail Lacquer formula and 6 nail polishes created with the Lacquering Gel one. A rainbow with shadows related to the fil rouge of passion, a classical inborn femininity, never taken for granted.


Every nail polish symbolizes a key message, thanks to the actual and over any trend colours. They seem perfect to represent the many nuances of every woman, describing her deep soul: sensual, curious, sensitive, mature…


Choose 1 of the 12 FABY’S REDS 2.0 Collection shades to express your mood, your being Female, simple and complex.


Fabylicious: a lively red, just like a never-ending summer.

Sunset: a vermilion lit red that triggers an explosion of emotions.

Red Carpet: a brilliant red that attracts gazes and catches them.

Red Reflex: a pomegranate red. It remembers hot autumn days, where nature changes to get ready for Winter.

Instinctive: voluptuous carmine red, it seems to be saying “I’m Catherine Tramell”.

Chili potion: a tasty red, perfect for a spicy soul.

Simply Perfect!: a red with brilliant rose-coloured shades that recalls Spring colours, from the first strawberries of the season.

Kiss me Faby: attractive and deep grenade.

I believe in lies!: a red that confuses and knocks out. The nail polish for those that do not give up on banality.

Parole, parole...: a sangria red, emotional, bright, alive and intense. The ideal choice for a free spirit.

Life on Mars: a strong and a light red. Mars is the red planet for excellence and this shiny nail polish seems to be coming just from another planet!

Walking Bass: a burgundy colour and sensual red, The low and vibrant notes of a contrabass.


Rigorously Made in Italy, Cruelty-Free and 10 Free, the FABY’S REDS 2.0 Collection nail polishes boast a respectful formula for the natural nail, using neither aggressive and toxic substances nor irritating solvents. The nail polishes easily and smoothly spread their colours, guaranteeing coverage, long lasting, vivid, and shining colours, combined with a fast-dry method.