Colour harmony is the highest form of elegance. “Harmonies” collection comes from a journey through shades and hues where style and gracefulness share an unconventional natural femmininity.

Through the emotions coming from the Collection, hues of the palette tell a story of Haute Couture runway from Milan, Paris and New York. Proportions, shapes and volumes were thought for every woman, a “fil beige” shared by every collection signed by Faby. Harmonies is articulated in combinations of democratic luxury, artistic expressions that represent a source of inspiration to be explored. The inner experience of nature as in “Sweet Natural” express her true essence in nuances like “Coral Beauty” following a season of feminine experimentation by enhancing the lightness of the other colours of the collection. In every colour harmony you can have three hues:

Dominant: the most neutral that enhance every shade in a composition of contrasting colours
Subdominant: acting as a dynamic transition between neutral and deep colours
Tonic: the most powerful hue, to be used as a powerful accent bringing character and contrast

Nail Lacquers of Faby Harmonies Collection are unequivocally made in Italy, Cruelty Free and 10 Free. Have a unique formulation, respectful of the natural nail and free of aggressive or toxic ingredients and from sensitizing solvents. Application is easy and uniform, granting deep covering and long lasting, vivid colours and fast drying.

Fil Beige