I'm Faby

I'm Faby

Proud to be a Faby woman.

“The lines, shapes, colours, trends always give us different stimuli and different readings. From the early stages of research for our collections, we place special attention on creating a symphony of colours. Elements that characterise Faby style, that tell our continuous research, our dedication and our passion”.

Fabiana Viale

Fashion, design, art and a life immersed in so many tones, shades, nuances. An intimate and personal account of emotions, sensitivity and originality. This is Faby’s soul, the lady of colour and at the same time a funny girl and a refined woman of class, capable to dare. Faby’s essence emerges in the new spring/summer 2017 collection I’M FABY.

In line with an trend colours of the fashion shows backstage, vibrant hints, such as Caribbean green and lobster, more soft and playful tones such as pink, light lavender and pure pastel green, up to the new beige and taupe and bolder shades of burnt sienna and chocolate. A fresh and romantic style for the cheerful and secure I’M FABY woman, wrapped in colour, who plays down the daily life with a pinch of irony.