Love Kolor

Love Kolor

“Inspiration is accumulative. Everything can be inspiring. It is how you look at the world”. Karim Rashid

FABY bets on design through the creative talent of the king of colors, New York-based legend of worldwide design, Karim Rashid. For FABY he signs the wonderful collection, Love Kolor @ New York.

For the first time Karim Rashid applies his art to nail polish, with a positive, energetic view, always oriented towards the future and digital society. His inspiration meets the excellence of FABY quality, reinventing nail polish by turning it into a design object. His peculiarities? Voluptuous curves, bright pastel and fluo colors, and shiny fluid surfaces.

For the limited edition LOVE KOLOR collection, Karim has designed for FABY the very first exclusive display featuring his unique “hieroglyphics”, the “Karimagologos”, turning the display in to a unique design object.

“Karim for FABY was inspired by the City that never sleeps but always looks great. I wanted the display to visualize the way light reflects off Manhattans skyline. The collection taps into the Metropolis and its overwhelmingly rich and unprecedented creative spirit”.

New York gave great inspiration for the nail polish names, such as Mrs. Liberty, bright cyan that reminds Karim of the color of the oxidized Statue of Liberty, Radio City, purple neon of Radio City signage. The collection name, Love Kolor comes from a track Karim released as a deejay, another art where he expressed his personal hymn to colors and shapes.

“I’ve always expressed myself by wearing rings complemented by manly manicures. I think of it as a way of personalizing the body and another form of self-expression”.

FABY presents Karim’s first six extraordinary colors, all extremely bright cream. Digital age colors by FABY realized with the most innovative top quality formulas, with excellent application and brightness for a long-lasting manicure. Lime, purple, cyan, violet, orange and the unmissable pink, usually appearing in his creations as well as in his clothes.

“Pink communicates the idea of immateriality, entropy, energy and strong optimism. Pink is the new black!”