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Fashion perks, Fashion Week!

Faby’s team conquering the MFW.

The Milan Fashion Week is more than just a design and beauty filled week: It’s an electrifying mix of magnificence and madness, when Milan is swarmed by incredible and bewitching creatures…And we’re not merely talking about models! 

Team of hair stylists, straight out from a London- Milan flight (you know, London is the place to be for hairdressing!) are there to realize the most unusual hairdos ever, while International make up artists use their 1st class skills (that can be paired with a prima-donna attitude) to make every runway look unique.

They all have a thing in common: they’re stylish down to the core. 

All of them have a distinctive and unique look. 

Between this multi lingual sea, stands the Faby Team. Our mission? To bring colors on every model’s hands, matching (or creating a beautiful clash) all the hottest outfit of the next season

We’re a well assorted group, each girl with her distinctiveness. We all work together in perfect harmony to reach our goal: everybody is gonna get a Faby manicure!

There’s Michela, whom once did Monica Bellucci’s nails (she reports that Monica is such a sweet woman, kind and down to Earth), and she never fails to bring her zen aptitude to the backstage. She always is calm and relaxed, even in the middle of a frenzy!

Maria travels around the whole city, bringing along her Faby color book to help every designer choose the right nail lacquer to enhance every catwalk look. She’s unstoppable and full of energy: she’s the one that takes care of the latecomer models, giving them the quickest manicures ever!

There’s Alessandra, whom is able to manage almost every situation, disarming even the most nervous backstage team leader with her wit and her british accent (she lived 4 year in London: such a beautiful yet tiring city!). Valeria, who is also a Make up artist, use to dance with the models… And she’s got better moves that them! Rosy is the queen of the catering table, as she always find a way to get something special for the whole team… Try to say no to her, if you can! Ioana is tall and lean as a model herself, and she has a superpower: she can balance her work and her beautiful 3 kids at the same time.

Quality is a Faby staple feature, and we team girls know that pretty well: that’s one of the reason we are able to face last minute madness and unexpected events.

When the models counts goes from the scheduled 20 up to a whopping 36 (true story) at the very last moment, we paint recklessly while thanking the amazing tailor made brush of the Faby Nail Lacquer. Made with 400 micro bristles, it allows us to paint extra quickly without compromising on precision and avoiding the dreaded streaks of colors.

MFW1.jpg MFW4.jpg MFW3.jpg

Our “Fashion Week Survival” kit is not complete without the Faby Top Coat Fast Dry, a super duper glossy top coat that dries in the blink of an eye, and the Drop Dry drops: they speed up the drying process, making our manicures touch dry in minutes, while hydrating the cuticles at the same time. 

The team fav file? The Shorten 150/180: both durable and pretty inexpensive, it allows us to shape even the shortest of nails (models undergo an infinite row of filing and buffing during the fashion week). Absolutely life saving when performing backstage pedicures!

Last but not least the amazing Nails & Cuticles Fitness Oil: the perfect final touch to hydrate and nourish both cuticles and nails.

The Milan Fashion week often means very early rises (the dreaded first show call time, when we have to be on the set at 6:30 in the morning…) but also super funny moments we are fond of. 


The first one is the unmissable “catering assault”: as soon as all the models are all manicured and out on the runway for the rehearsal, we literally dash on the food and coffee like we haven’t eaten in ages! Yes, ours work is a calories consuming one: we’re often in weird and uncomfortable positions (backstages are always flood with people, and models are getting hair, make up and nails done at once), so we need to replace the burnt energy! 

Then we have to rush from one set to the other, strolling across Milan with our signature Faby bags. We are so stylish and full of charm that once a taxi driver forgot to put his car on the “park” position, while stepping off to help us placing our nail supplies in the trunk. Well, he stepped out but the car kept going ahead! Thanks God the other car was far enough and nothing happened, but we laughed our heart out.

We lately discovered that the driver was actually the Italian Ricky Martin lookalike… Not bad, isn’t it?

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