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What’s the perfect Faby base coat for me?

Let’s talk about base coat! It’s the first step of any good manicure, but for some reason we often think it’s ok to skip  it. Actually, a good base coat is very beneficial for our nails: it keeps them healthy and stain free and makes your favorite color last longer. There are many good reason to use a base coat, and all of them are very important to keep out nails in good shape. All Faby base coats are designed for specific needs, and they offer a custom experience for every woman, tailored to her own natural nails . Which is the best base for your nail type? Let’s find it out with our quiz!

Your perfect base coat!

1 Which of the following descriptions is applicable to your nails?
b: dry
c: irregular surface
d: weak

2: Do your nails have one of the following conditions? 
a: they don’t have particular problems
b: they are prone to delamination and/or have white dots
c: they are ridged
d: they have damages from previous treatments

3 Which one of these statements describe your lifestyle?
a: I’m very active, I do a lot of things
b: I’m in love with skincare and I adore using oils on my skin and hair
c: I always use reds or very dark colors
d: I love everything that is green and organic

4 How long does the nail polish generally last on your fingertips? 
a: 3 days maximum 
b: more than a week
c: around 5 days
d: 4/5 days 

5 How would you describe your skin type? 
a: mixed/oily
b: dry
c: normal
d: sensitive

6 Which one of the following ingredients attracts you the most?  
a: patented aldehyde, to reinforce the cross links between keratin fibers, strengthening the nails
b: plant related lipidic complex, to nourish and hydrate the nails, keeping them young looking and flexible
c: rose and grape stem cells, to restore the ideal condition for the nail to grow strong and beautiful 
d: avocado + spinach + green tea cocktail, to regenerate and support the nails natural beauty

7 Pick one of the following salon treatments:
a: LONG LASTING MANICURE. Treat yourself to a treatment that will make your nail polish last longer!
b: NOURISHING SPA MANICURE. Everything you need to nourish and deeply hydrate your hands and nails.
c: REGENERATING MANICURE. The right choice to pamper your tired nails, giving them their natural beauty back.
d: GREEN MANICURE. All the colors from Mother Earth, in a unique treatment that combines natures and professional performances.


A: Oxigen Base coat
B: Nourish base coat
C: Smoothing base coat
D: B-Base

OXYGEN BASE COAT: the ideal choice if you struggle to make your nail polish last. It’s enriched with apple stem cells, an ACE vitamin complex, a mineral complex and amino acids to support the growth of strong natural nails. The oxygen technology respects the nail plate, preventing yellowing. Shop it here

NOURISH BASE COAT: the correct choice for dry nails that need some tender loving cares. Super rich in nourishing actives, it also contains amino acids to support natural growth. Perfect for pedicures as well. Shop it here

SMOOTHING BASE COAT: a mineral enriched base coat that smoothens out ridges in natural nails. Also perfect to conceal surface irregularities due to previous nails damages. It guarantees an added protection from high pigmented colors such as reds and darks. Shop it here

B- BASE: Faby green base coat, powered by an exclusive avocado + spinach + green tea complex to help restore even the most delicate nails! Its unique formula is 87% plant derived and bio sourced, and it features the strengthening extract of the pistacia lentiscus resin. Nature’s power meets professional performances! Shop it here

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