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Intergalactic guide to nail polish finish: let’s find out your new favorite shade!

It’s the classic finish: a solid color, with no compromises. Choose it if you’re searching an intense and flat shade.
Perfect for a color block manicure. The PRO tip: cream finish is the best if you want to dare a shade that’s out of your comfort zone. You can follow the catwalk style with ease and make sure the color will not be not too much, but “just right” instead.

Frosted colors are easy to recognize: they look like refreshing popsicles! Their surface is rich of ice like reflexes: they help you achieve a breathtaking look in the most effortless manner. Frosted hues are intense and full of lunar gleams. The PRO tip: a super smooth base is the best canvas to properly show off this finish. Prep your nail with Faby Smoothing base coat to achieve a flawless frosted mani (or pedi)!

Glitters are eclectic: they can be the weapon of choice for some women, or a “can’t go without” accent for others. They are cosmetic grade micro particles (very different from craft glitters) and are available in various shades, shapes and dimensions. The most common ones are rounded, squared or hexagonal. They require a special formula base (generally clear in color) that is able to keep them floating instead of just sitting at the back of the bottle. They are super if layered on top of a color and they can also add texture to your weekly mani!

It’s the most luminous of finishes: it resemble the smooth surface of metals. It will make your nails look spectacular, with its silky finish! It’s perfect for both long and short nails. Choose this finish if you’re looking to add a twist to your daily look.  The PRO tip: choose the “The World is your Oyster”, a dark platinum shade that will brighten up your office look.

What would the World be without a little sparkle? If you love the shade shifter effect, this is the finish for you. Every color can become a little more vibrant and misterious with a shimmery touch!The special particles in the formula are able to reflect light in a lot of different ways, for a shade that’s lively and duo chrome. Curious to try it? Go with Cleo’s talisman, a gorgeous green with purple reflexes.

A finish that engages your sense of touch as much as your eyes. The suede effect is a soft tactile experience that will make your manicure amazing. It looks matte and textured, for the ultimate statement nails. Try “The Fairest” to discover it.

It’s Faby newborn finish, as vibrant as its name suggests! An electric, intense effect: definitely not for the faint of heart!
Get your statement manicure with “Blueberries and soda”, a deep purple full of reflexes!

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