Oxygene base coat


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Reference: LBO001

Oxygen Base coat provides an anti aging protection, making it perfect for every nail (including weak and damaged ones). An innovative plant complex combined with oxygen technology and a mix of antioxidants and vitamins help nails stay young, preventing early ageing.



  • Oxygen technology: increases oxygen permeability, respecting the nail natural physiology.
  • Apple stem cells: restore optimal conditions for the activation of biochemical processes responsible for regeneration.
  • Horse chestnut extract: the high aescin content protects the vessels, improving microcirculation.
  • Goji extract (fruit native to the highlands of Asia): rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals strengthens physiological functions, promoting wellness in the nail bed.
  • Vitamins A, C and E: moisturising and antioxidant cocktail.
  • Mineral complex: algae extract and sea minerals stimulate metabolic reactions, promoting regeneration.
  • Amino acids: important for the keratin creating process, they make nails more consistent and durable.
  • Patented and clinically tested aldehyde: reinforces the keratin bridges, making nails more uniform and resistant.
  • UV Filter: absorbs solar radiation, preventing the nail polish from yellowing and discolouring.


This oxygenating and protective base coat preserves nail health and beauty. It provides essential nourishment to facilitate and speed up nail growth, helping it to stay young and preventing premature ageing.

Formulated with an aldehyde that is patented and clinically tested against allergies, after 4 weeks of regular use it visibly renews nails, making them stronger and more elastic to resist breakage and flaking.

Protects the nail plate, preventing stains and discolouration, especially when using polishes with high pigmentation.

Improves the adhesion of nail polish, prolonging its duration and reducing the risk of chipping. It helps to restore natural nail conditions after removing acrylic and hard gel enhancements, so it can grow strong and healthy.

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