VIVACE tells a new story: everyone’s story.

This is the difference between FABY and the rest of the world! Happiness is not enough for me! I want to be “VIVACE”!

A color scheme with lively and intense shades to pay tribute to life, to the absolute freedom, to the freedom of dreaming, to the freedom of spirit.

A collection of energetic colors, symbolic and distinctive elements of Faby’s philosophy, wrapping the woman, overwhelming her with an intense and cheerful thrill of Euphoria.

VIVACE is a collection that encourages people to renew themselves with a set of coloured and alive shades.

Created with the traditional formula Nail Lacquer and followed by the correspondent colors in Lacquering Gel: casual, lively colors that dare without asking, taking the situation in hand... or in nail!

MILOS: a dark red that catches the unique Greek island of Milos where, thanks to its volcanic origins, the landscapes are full of minerals. So many sparks!

LIFE IS A FLOWER: is this the world’s most bright coral? It is a precious gift in your hands, as said in a famous song of the 90s: “Life is a flower, so precious in your hand”.

MANIPURA: the third chakra, yellow coloured. His principal functions are action, desire, power and personal affirmation. The key phrase is I CAN!

ESTILO MALAQUITA: a green shade that wants to tell infinities legends. Often related to the big mythological female figures, malachite can stimulate the aesthetic sense and beauty.

VOLARE: genuinely free, it is the emblem of Italy, widely known. Free the wings made of fantasy and go search your own happiness, in the blue painted Faby’s blue!

TRIP TO MY SOUL: a purple soul, born from the union of an exuberant calm and an enveloping passion. A shade of colour that will let you lose your control.

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